Super Quick & Super Gentle Laser Facial

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Model getting laser facial


Safe & Non-ablative Nd:Yag Laser


Healing Hydrating
Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mask

Get Natural, Healthy, Glowing skin

in less than 10 minutes

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No Surgery
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No Bleeding

No Extractions

Why choose Laser Facials?

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The Quik Cleaning System is comparably shorter compared to the traditional facial. This makes it extremely time-saving for busy people on the go!


The Quik Cleaning System is able to penetrate into the deeper skin layers to target clogged pores, oil glands and stubborn pigments. It does this in <10 minutes without harming or burning the skin.

Why choose Quiklaser?


All our Operators are trained by Medical Doctors before they perform their first treatment on customers. They are also constantly audited and supervised under our Medical team to maintain their skills and standards.


The Quik Cleaning System is simply a non-invasive treatment without the downtime and inconvenience. Zap your face clean in <10 minutes and walk out the door without looking like you just had a cosmetic facial. 

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Why our own staff are also our clients

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"The Quik Cleaning System makes my skin look and feel cleaner and more refreshed. With regular use of this deep cleaning treatment, my skin is kept healthy and strong in the long run."


All Quiklaser sessions are sold in the form of Treatment Packages at our franchise outlets (see the map below).

Please note that the Quiklaser Treatment Package prices vary from region to region.  View the map below to find the nearest Quiklaser outlet location!

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How much does a Session cost?

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