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How it all started

Our Medical Consultant, Dr Goh Seng Heng, is a long time veteran in the Aesthetics industry. He first practised as a Consultant Dermatologist at his disease-based practice at Mount Elizabeth hospital from 1984 to 1987. While studying for his Masters in Dermatology in the UK, he chanced upon the opportunity to learn about the beneficial effects of Laser technology.


Through his years treating patients with problematic and diseased skin by the bedside, Dr Goh observed that lasers were able to improve and optimise his patient's skin quality from their baseline. Lasers were much faster compared to topical cosmetic beauty creams. The wavelength of lasers allowed it to penetrate into deeper depths of the skin and achieve clarity, glow, radiance and smoothness in a much shorter period of time.


Although the use of lasers to treat skin conditions was still largely unpopular back then, Dr Goh was overwhelmed by the visible and gratifying results seen. From 1992, he decided to dedicate the rest of his career into the field of Aesthetic Medicine, with a core focus in skin rejuvenation using non-invasive Laser technology.


While Dr Goh chose to practice in his own sole proprietary clinic based in Singapore, it was his eldest daughter, Dr Michelle Goh, who decided to expand his practice beyond Singapore. She developed Quiklaser’s express no-downtime facial concept around Dr Goh’s laser treatment, focusing heavily on building up the brand’s credibility around results and safety, while making the singular service model scalable for easy expansion and replicability. 


Within the skincare and beauty industry, Quiklaser serves to be an embodiment of user convenience with safety and clinical expertise. The Quiklaser brand exists to provide safe and effective facials for anyone who wants to attain more clear glowing and radiant skin.