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Safe & Controlled 


Supervised by Medical Doctors

Why use Lasers for the skin? Aren't all Lasers dangerous?

Lasers are rapidly becoming recognised as the more clinically effective method for the rejuvenation of the skin. Using deeper penetrating wavelengths and non-harmful radiation light energies, Lasers are able to reach the lower layers of the skin to treat skin blemishes faster and improve the overlying texture of aged and tired-looking skin.


Lasers are very powerful tools and can cause burning and redness when an excessively high heat dosage is used. It is therefore important to check beforehand that the Operator performing the Laser procedure is trained, qualified, and certified. 

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Who performs the Quik Cleaning System Treatment?

All Quiklaser treatments are administered by Laser Operators. All Laser Operators undergo a compulsory training program conducted  by our own team of Medical Doctors.  They are also supervised by Dr Goh Seng Heng, our Chief Preceptor and Scientific Officer based in Singapore. Find out more about how our Laser Operators are trained


Safety is our Top Priority

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Are the machines used at Quiklaser facials similar to the ones used by Dermatologists or other Aesthetic clinics?

The 2 Step Quik Cleaning System process is proprietary and unique to Quiklaser.

Hence, the laser machines used are essentially customised to our own treatment and safety protocols.

Doctor-assisted & Doctor-supervised 

Are there any complications and risks from this procedure?

Laser procedures can confer risks if they are not administered by trained operators under safe conditions. Some of these unwanted complications may include eye injuries, bleeding and broken skin, allergic rashes etc.  It is hence very important to check that your Laser Operator is properly trained and certified. For more enquiries, please approach our staff.