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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Quiklaser facials cure Acne?

Depending on the severity of acne and type of lesions present, an individual may require a minimum number of treatments to see a meaningful improvement and recovery. Please visit our outlets and speak to our Staff to find out more about the Quik Cleaning System.

Can Quiklaser facials get rid of Pigmentation such as Freckles/Birthmarks/Melasma?

Pigmentation spots (Freckles, Lentigo, Melasma, Birthmarks etc) are dark in colour simply because melanin is abnormally concentrated in one area of the skin. The Quik Cleaning system's Nd:Yag Laser delivers a beam of light that targets melanin to break it down, diluting the appearance of the darkened spots on the skin. It is a much quicker alternative to whitening cosmetic creams. The response time to see lightening improvements in the skin vary with different skin types to various pigmentation conditions.

Can Quiklaser facials get rid of big pores?

No single product, device or procedure can physically reduce your pore size permanently, but a number of treatments have been proven effective at lessening their appearance. The Quik Cleaning System minimises the appearance of large pores by targeting the oil glands in the skin to reduce their oil production and activity. The results are not immediate and are slowly progressive. Significant improvements can be observed after several treatment sessions.

Can Quiklaser facials cure sensitive skin conditions like Eczema?

The triggers for sensitive skin are multi-factorial and often difficult to pin point. It can be environmental factors like the sun, cold/hot weather, dust, pet fur, bee pollen etc. The Quik Cleaning System does not cure sensitive skin conditions but the safe and controlled heat dosage used in our settings makes this treatment suitable for clients with mild to moderate sensitive skin. Because of the gentler approach Quiklaser uses, the risks of developing a side reaction (redness, swelling, itchiness etc) in sensitive skin types is much lower compared to stronger ablative Laser types.

How is Quiklaser different from the other facials offered at other Laser clinics?

Most Laser procedures are often more painful and intense, as they are performed with higher heat settings. Quiklaser adopts a gentle and non-invasive approach. The Quik Cleaning System deep cleanses, without leaving you with red and raw peeling skin. All Quiklaser Operators are trained to administer the Quik Cleaning System (QCS) treatment according to strict safety parameters to make sure that the treatment is done effectively without compromising the safety of your skin.

How much improvement can I notice after a single session?

Your skin will feel cleaner and clearer after one session, because the Quik Cleaning System (QCS) works to vaporise the overlying dirt, bacteria and other impurities, effectively cleaning the surface to improve its clarity and appearance. More dramatic improvements however, can only be seen after a period of time when a minimum number of QCS sessions have been undertaken and are being done on a regular basis. The magnitude of skin improvements seen after a single QCS session is often subjective to different clients and is therefore hard to standardise and quantify. For this reason, we refrain from making overt claims and unrealistic promises about the QCS treatment.

How long will it take for QCS to resolve my skin problems?

The time taken to achieve an expected degree of improvement will vary from individual to individual simply because a person’s skin condition is dependent on their skin type, skin sensitivity and their lifestyle. In general, clients that undergo regular and frequent QCS sessions and practice sensible and healthy skincare habits tend to see faster and more visible improvements in skin. To learn more about sensible and healthy skincare habits, please speak to our staff to find out more.

Can I undergo the QCS if I am pregnant?

As the Quik Cleaning System is non-invasive and non-systemic, it is perfectly safe to undergo the treatment while you are pregnant.

Is the Quik Cleaning System Treatment painful?

For different people, pain could means different things. The Laser component of the Quik Cleaning System is much gentler compared to conventional ablative laser procedure, which is often much more painful, intense and hotter. The Laser component may feel like a mild bearable discomfort for some people, but it may also feel completely painless for others!

What are your Treatment Room rules?

  • All clients must read and acknowledge our Treatment Disclaimer form before they undergo their first Quik Cleaning System treatment, to make sure that they don’t have any contraindications that might otherwise exclude them from undergoing this procedure.
  • All clients must wear their safety goggles during the course of the treatment. This is compulsory as the safety goggles protect the eyes from possible risks and injuries.
  • All clients must remove metallic jewelry or metallic objects in the Treatment room. This is compulsory as metallic objects often reflect laser beams and we don’t want any nasty accidents to happen because of an accidental reflection.

What are the contraindications for the Quiklaser treatment?

For health and safety reasons, we advise individuals with the following conditions not to undergo the Quiklaser treatment. These conditions are:

  • Migraines, Epilepsy or a history of fits
  • History of Gold thread-lift treatments in the face
  • Tattoo whitening
  • Skin cancer
  • Severe Skin infection
  • Severe Skin Inflammation
Please chat with our staff to find out more about the Quik Cleaning System and your suitability to undergo a treatment.



Quiklaser 面部护理可以治疗面疱吗?


Quiklaser 面部护理可以摆脱色素沉淀,例如雀斑/胎记/黄褐斑吗?

色素斑(雀斑、色斑、黄褐斑、胎记等)因颜色较深,黑色素会异常集中在皮肤的特定的某一个区域。 快速清洁系统的Nd:Yag雅铬激光会产生一束激光光束,瞄准黑色素,将其驱散并以淡化皮肤上黑色斑点的显现。它是美白化妆品霜的快速替代品。但对于各种色素沉着条件,不同皮肤类型的皮肤亮白改善的改善时间会不同。

Quiklaser 面部护理可以摆脱粗大的毛孔吗?


Quiklaser 面部护理可以治疗敏感的皮肤病,如湿疹吗?


Quiklaser 与其他激光诊所提供的脸部疗程服务有何不同?

大多数激光程序通常是会让人感到痛苦和紧张,因为它们在高热的激光光束设定下进行。 Quiklaser采用温和的非侵入性方法。 快速清洁系统深层清洁,不会让您留下红色和原始脱皮的皮肤。所有Quiklaser操作员都经过培训,可根据严格的安全参数来进行快速清洁系统(QCS) 的服务,以确保效果能有效达到,同时不会影响皮肤的安全。

一次 QCS 护理后我能获得多少改善?


QCS 需要多长时间才能解决我的皮肤问题?


如果我怀孕,我可以接受 QCS 护理吗?





  • 所有客户在进行第一次快速清洁系统治疗之前必须阅读确认并签署我们的治疗免责声明表格,以确保他们没有任何禁忌症,否则将可能会使他们无法接受我们的服务。
  • 所有客户在治疗过程中都必须佩戴护目镜。这是强制的,因为护目镜可以保护眼睛免受可能的风险和伤害。
  • 所有客户必须先脱下身上的金属首饰或金属物品。这也是必须要求的,因为金属物体能反射激光光束,我们不希望由于意外反射而发生令任何人都不愿接受的意外事故。


出于健康和安全因素,我们建议具有以下条件的个人不要接受Quiklaser治疗。 这些条件是:

  • 偏头痛、癫痫或相关病史的人
  • 面部做过金属线植入美容
  • 漂白纹身
  • 皮肤癌
  • 严重皮肤感染
  • 严重的皮肤炎症