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At Quiklaser, we spend a large amount of our resources on people to make sure that everyone is regularly aligned and onboard with our vision, mission and values. We believe that having structured and continuous training is what sets us apart from other companies.

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To find out what it's really like to be hired, trained and work at Quiklaser, see Shayne's video below:  

How we select and train our Laser Operators


Interested Candidates first undergo an Interview conducted  by Team Managers from our Headquarters

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Selected Candidates from the Interviews then undergo an week of intensive training at the Quiklaser Introductory Bootcamp (held in Singapore)


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After the Introductory Bootcamp, Candidates must pass a Formal Exam and Practical Assessment before they get officially accepted and confirmed as Laser Operators.

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After the Bootcamp and Assessment, all Laser Operators continue to undergo weekly training by our Medical Team of Doctors.


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On the job, Laser Operators would refer difficult Skin Problem Cases to Quiklaser's team of Medical Doctors for their advice and follow-up review.


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"Learning constantly and being passionate about my work makes me happy and fulfilled!"
The Benefits of being a Quiklaser Operator
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Learn all about the techniques and science behind the Quik Cleaning System from our Medical team of Doctors based in our Headquarters in Singapore.

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Get advisory support from experienced Doctors on the go whenever you have a query or question about the Treatment or a Skin condition that Google can’t give you an answer.

Get exclusive staff discounts on skincare products from Quiklaser’s exclusive range — The Laser Light Lifestyle Skincare series.


Apply through the appointed Quiklaser Licensee Operator in your Country


Go through the interview and hiring process under Quiklaser Licensee Operator


Attend the Quiklaser Training Bootcamp in Singapore